Kosh - APIs for Lexical Data

Kosh is an open-source framework for creating and maintaining APIs for lexical data

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Kosh has been conceived to provide API access to any XML-encoded lexical dataset, independently of the data model employed.

Its name Kosh derives from the Hindi word for dictionary or lexicon, कोश koś or kosh, which in turn derives from Sanskrit कोश kośa with the same meaning.


  • Kosh processes lexical data in XML format.
  • Two APIs, GraphQL and REST, access the data stored in elasticsearch.
  • Kosh can be deployed either via Docker or natively on Unix-like systems.

How to run Kosh

You can configurate Kosh to create APIs for any XML-encoded lexical resource. Learn how to do it for your own resources in deployment


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If you have any questions, please write us an email: info-kosh[a]