The Capitularia VM is a root virtual machine offered by the RRZK. It runs debian stable.

The VM hosts an Apache Web Server at which runs Wordpress.

The VM also hosts an application server written in Python. Next to that it hosts a recent OpenJDK and Saxon.

The VM also hosts a Postgres database server for the application server and a mysql database server for Wordpress.

We wrote a Wordpress theme and many plugins to add the functionality we needed for our project. We use the application server (and its API at for all functionality that is too inconvenient to implement in Wordpress plugins.

Capitularia VM Apache Wordpress / PHP Capitularia Theme File Include Plugin Collation Plugin Meta Search Plugin Page Generator Plugin Dynamic Menu Plugin Saxon XSLT XSLT ... App Server / Python Collation Server Data Server ... Makefile TSM backup mysql Database Postgres Database Files

Main Components of the Capitularia VM

Many different XSLT transformations are used to generate the HTML files of the TEI manuscripts and also many auxiliary files like lists of capitularies and manuscripts. The transformations are driven by make and the Makefile.

The Postgres database holds manuscript metadata and the pre-processed text of every chapter in every manuscript.

The app server does collations and offers metadata and fulltext search in the Capitulars.

There is a nightly TSM backup of the whole VM. The TEI files and the databases are dumped and kept in multiple versions.

The editors store the original manuscript files encoded in TEI in the VM filesystem. The TEI files are then converted to HTML.