Wordpress Maintenance

Wordpress Upgrades

We use the Wordpress cli tool to upgrade Wordpress.

N.B.: There already is a nightly database backup running.


ssh capitularia@capitularia.uni-koeln.de
cd /var/www/capitularia.uni-koeln.de
./wp help

Upgrade the cli tool:

./wp cli update

Upgrade Wordpress:

./wp core update
./wp theme update --all
./wp plugin update --all


The plugin qtranslate-xt needs manual update:

cd /var/www/capitularia.uni-koeln.de/wp-content/plugins/
wget https://github.com/qtranslate/qtranslate-xt/archive/3.6.2.zip
unzip 3.6.2.zip
rm 3.6.2.zip

Replace “3.6.2” with the latest version.

Then go to the Wordpress admin page and then to Plugins ‣ Installed Plugins, deactivate the old version and activate the new version of the plugin.